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Content Marketing

What to say? The choice of wording and style in which it is presented can guide your target market  to choose your business.

From logos to color themes, visual images speak to customers at the emotional level and can aid in building a memorable brand.

Graphic Design
Employee Wellness

Healthy workers are more likely to also be happy and productive

employees or managers. Spending time and money on wellness can increase profit.

Data Analytics - Statistics

Businesses collect data, statistics about many things: sales, number of customers, etc, and software often has some data analysis - statistical analysis - built in. Larger businesses may hire specialists. For an overview see: Fact or Fallacy: What Do Small Businesses Really Need to Get Started on Data Analytics?, by Joel Snyder, Ph.D. (BizTech Magazine).

Machine Learning & AI

Machine Learning uses Artificial Intelligence to help the computer learn how to better interpret large amounts of data on its own without the need for humans to oversee all the data individually. Image recognition is a frequent application, recognize new images based on previous input of images that had been labeled by humans. For an overview see: What is Machine Learning, a definition, (Expert System).

Quantum Computing

Quantum computing is still in early phases of development. It can speed up computing by allowing multiple actions to be performed at the same time. It may also provide a more secure way to transmit data.

For more information about how quantum computing is different from current binary computing and how it may help see: What is Quantum Computing?, (research.IBM).


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Planet Earth or Planet Oceana?I

The majority of the planet is covered in water. Technology and our daily actions can help us protect it.

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