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Customer service is a core business practice for most types of industries, and customers are more expectant of quick service with exceptional quality. Technology can help make that easier to provide however with inadequate hardware or unresponsive or difficult to use software applications customers may easily get frustrated instead. 

Customer support consulting can help identify the type of software and industry standards that may be best suited for various needs. Staff training on the use of or customer guidance for customer success with the software is another area where consultants may provide help. Streamlining the systems for sales, initial customer guidance, follow-up support, and evaluation of the success or failures over time can also help provide an improved customer experience. Clear communication processes for customers to be able to seek additional help as needed can also be an area that leads to grateful customers or irate ones.

Support consulting services can provide similar guidance for promoting employee satisfaction with their company's handling of human resources, payroll, and daily job management. If software or hardware is making the employee's job more difficult then it is also likely slowing down sales and support for customers as well as leading to a dissatisfied or frustrated employee.

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