Water Management & Oceanography

Technology can help with monitoring ground water quality or mapping the ocean and other water sources. Water and sewage treatment processes whether large or small may be aided by technological support within the process and for providing reliable data to consumers, government agencies or businesses.

  • For more information about sustainable wastewater management treatment a site offers examples and strategies that have been successful: Tools for Sustainable Sanitation and Water Management (SSWM). sswm.info/about_the_toolbox.

  • Technology is giving us a better look at the surface and depths of the ocean: Technology used by the Biological Oceanography Group, Monteray Bay Aquarium Research Institute (MBARI), mbari.org.

  • Groundwater supplies are also more visible with modern technology: New Rules and New Technology are Giving California Farmers and Managers a Better Look at Groundwater Supplies, phys.org.

  • The very tiny molecular structure of water has also been made visible with advances in technology which may lead to industrial and biological applications: Large Structured Water Clusters Caught on Camera, Science in Society, i-sis.org.uk.

Planet Earth or Planet Oceana?

The majority of the planet is covered in water. Technology and our daily actions can help us protect it.

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