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Tower Construction

Physical construction of the towers that expand cell range and other internet signals is a service of IT Coordinated Networking. If your network needs to reach areas that aren't currently covered by other cell towers then building more can be a solution. Installing additional lines and antennas may also be possible for extending digital networks. Modifying or maintenance of existing structures are also services that can help keep current networks in business.  

Full service construction management and engineering is provided for projects through all stages of construction, from initial facility planning and design, permitting and site preparation, through construction to final implementation. Small towers or large, your needs can be reviewed during the planning stages with our design engineering team.

As previous towers age and technology changes and improves modification and installation of different types of lines can upgrade existing facilities. Maintenance of older towers is also an increasing need. The team can work with inspection departments when needed to make sure any issues are corrected appropriately. 

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