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Content marketing includes website design, email and other types of advertising, and the business name and branding. Press releases, white papers or ebooks, blogs, or other type of training videos or guides are also part of content marketing. Content refers to text generally but videos and other materials are based on a theme or story. The goal is to help consumers or others served or connected with your business to know what they can expect from your product or service.

Frequently Asked Questions, How-To-Guides, whitepapers about research results showing the quality or benefits that may be possible from a product or service, and shorter blog articles can all help inform potential customers or current customers or contractors about your business. Content marketing materials can be modified for use on websites or in physical brochures or other materials to share or offer for purchase at an office setting, training, or conference.

Subscription services provide customers with content that is available for the subscriber's use online in addition to material available to all internet visitors. Providing helpful content can promote consumer loyalty and increase site visits to the reference pages, which can help with sales of new products or services.

SEO - Search Engine Optimization involves the use of keywords that your target market might enter in a search for your product or service. Using accurate and descriptive words that are also the commonly searched terms can lead to more site visits by people who are potential new customers. The SEO terms are used within website pages and in descriptors that act as labels for the search engine, which are not seen by the site visitors. Great content and good labeling helps generate business online and in your neighborhood with the ease of smartphones for web searches.

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