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IT Services

Outsourcing some of the information technology (IT) tasks of your business to an IT company can save staff time for the primary role of your business such as customer service or product development needs. Billing management, order provisioning and fulfillment services, and regulatory monitoring are tasks that a managed IT service team may be able to make more efficient and responsive to change.


Managed IT services often include infrastructure set-up and maintenance and management of customer or staff data and services. Contracting some of the IT work of a modern company to a managed IT service can save time and possibly prevent problems due to lost data or compliance with regulations. It can also save money to hire professionals who know systems instead of having to start with reading the manual, or worse start reading the manual after problems have occurred. Pricing can be per project or by a regular subscription service contract.

Cybersecurity concerns for digital devices, computers and Internet of Things (IoT) - devices connected to online systems - can all place a business at risk, set up and staff training can be an activity for managed IT services. Initial set-up or ongoing management with regular security audits and maintenance can be a role for short term or long term contractual service. Inventory of digital and IoT devices can be included with the security review, and a regular record of staff training regarding cybersecurity may be helpful for protecting trade secrets and proof that due diligence was being performed in case of legal issues related to trade secret leaks.

Managed IT Service professionals often make recommendations for what types of digital equipment or software is needed, taking away the guesswork or research time that might have been needed for the purchase. Problem solving is also a service that typically is offered and which can help protect against lost profit by reducing the risk of work stoppages that can occur with equipment or software malfunction. IT specialists can also help prevent problems by providing staff training regarding new software or equipment.

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