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Nutrition for Individual & Environmental Health

The virtual world offers a new genre of interacting with people and with media. Publications are available in a variety of text, audio, video and interactive formats. Guided courses by top university professors and business professionals are available for free or low cost. Services and information is at our fingertips from around the world. Preventative health education has been my main career focus however the easy access to information and interaction with interesting people has led me to a greater awareness of the beauty and wonders, and dangers and concerns of our world.

I share information from my public health perspective - free information may be useful to someone, some time, and they may share it with others - pass it forward - with love. 

 Preventative Health Services

Video conferencing, live chats or webinars, and other services available within the virtual world make education, entertainment, or teamwork possible for groups around the world in a more sustainable way. Save everyone from spending time and energy traveling to live events that can be attended anywhere that has an internet connection. Live group events could be coordinated at local meeting places to provide some physical interaction too.

Our Servuces

Individualized nutrition counseling based on genetic information if available and other available health history.


Menu planning for special diets or standard, for individuals or groups, single event or weekly  repeating cycle.

Recipe Development

Recipes for special needs or standard diets can be adapted or created as needed for an event or menu plan.


Stress can be a positive challenge to achieve more or it can be an emotional overload with negative health effects.

Exercise and

Movement is essential for health of the body. Muscle action and stretching helps detoxify and protect health.


Mental health and nutrition are connected. Nutrient deficiencies can be a cause of symptoms of mental illness.


Keeping busy mentally and socially may help preserve long term cognitive health.

Online groups can be positive support systems.

Having a sense of purpose and feeling that you are helping others may help preserve long term health physically and emotionally.

Sense of Purpose
Employee Wellness

Healthy workers are more likely to also be happy and productive

employees or managers. Spending time and money on wellness can increase profit.

Environmental Health

“Sea-level rise and flooding is one thing, people get wet, immigrate, and create huge problems. Loss of biodiversity means the human species as a whole is threatened to disappear. No joke. This is not discussed enough in the media.”– Eric Rignot @erignot

The Science of Self-Care: How climate researchers are coping with the U.N. report, Eric Holthaus



Contact me for more information or questions and I will try to include the topic into a future blog post.

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