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About -

   Jennifer Depew, RD

Nutrition Educator

Registered Dietitian with fifteen years of experience in public health counseling and management, working with prenatal and early childhood health. Also experience consulting with residential facility nutrition care and dietary services management. Projects included participation in focus groups regarding software development for adapting paper charting to online charts at the state level, and self study and video education at the local county level.

Nutrition Education Online - Website Development

Wordpress blogs and other types of websites for the purpose of public health education and promoting civil rights and the value of effective policies for equal opportunity service and employment. 

Continuing Education

Recent coursework include: 

  • One Planet, One Ocean

  • Local Water Solutions for Global Challenges

  • Instructional Methods in Health Professions Education

  • Advanced Neurobiology I

  • Medical Neuroscience

  • Introduction to Clinical Neurology

  • Sleep: Neurobiology, Medicine, and Society (with Honors)

  • Making Successful Decisions through the Strategy, Law & Ethics Model

  • Essentials of Global Health

  • Writing in the Sciences

  • Understanding Clinical Research: Behind the Scenes

  • Turn Down the Heat: From Climate Science to Action

  • The Data Scientist's Toolbox

Other skills &
previous work experience.
  • Gourmet baking and restaurant work in several bakeries and restaurants. Projects at management level included setting up cost analysis software for recipes and beverages, creating and standardizing recipes for quantity preparation and entry into the cost analysis software.

  • Gardening, wetland mitigation, invasive plant control.

  • Photography, including black and white film processing and printing.

  • Painting, drawing, visiting art museums & other museums.

  • Dance, freestyle and aerobic fitness, yoga and weight lifting.

  • Hiking, backpacking, camping.

  • Small craft boating and Water Safety Instructor and Lifeguard.


I love reading so much it gets its own section!


"The cure for boredom is curiosity. There is no cure for curiosity." ― Dorothy Parker.

Research Topics
  • Nutrient deficiencies and mental health.

  • Nutrient deficiencies and neurological and other birth conditions.

  • Preeclampsia, TRP channels, and prevention & management strategies.

  • Nutrient deficiencies and chronic illness, particularly autoimmune & mitochondrial related conditions.

  • Electrolytes, ions, trace minerals and mitochondrial health.

Planet Earth or Planet Oceana?

The majority of the planet is covered in water. Technology and our daily actions can help us protect it.

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