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Employee Wellness programs vary from coverage for a few visits with a mental health counselor for stress or substance abuse or other concerns, to in house gymnasiums and other health services. Research suggests that exercise and health support services may be most utilized by employees who would seek out similar services on their own, however reduced sick leave and employee turnover may also be benefits that can result in more profit for a company. 

Onsite daycare facilities, cafeterias, and other services may help reduce employee stress and increase morale and health. Customer support would likely benefit whenever employees are happier and less stressed. Natural appreciation of their place of employment may also help attract other good workers and encourage contracting services to work with the company.


Onsite daycare or an arrangement with a nearby daycare facility could make it easier for new parents to return to work sooner after the birth or adoption of an infant. Onsite locations for pumping breast milk is a federal requirement, having an onsite daycare could make it more efficient for the mother and more natural for the infant to simply be able to nurse.


Technology can be useful for providing health education in addition to other types of employee training videos or adult education modules. Incentives to participate or track progress might help motivate employees who would have been less likely to seek out wellness activities on their own. Having an exercise room or area outside can also make it easier for a busy worker to have time to include fitness in their schedule.


Flexible work settings can also make it easier on workers to be able to sit or stand or walk around occasionally for different types of tasks or if standing desk areas are available in addition to standard seated level desks. Simply standing more often can aid health for jobs that generally require sitting.​ Walk and talk meetings may be possible for more casual types of small group or duo conversations.


Employee wellness can also be aided by recognizing and supporting individual learning or communication styles - a job will likely be less stressful or more enjoyable if an employee is maximizing their strengths. A report published by the Global Wellness Institute suggests that the most important factor for promoting employee health and productivity in the workplace is whether they have a sense that the business they work for is "caring." The report also itemizes the cost of employee unwellness - $2.2 trillion, or roughly 12% of the annual U.S. GDP. 

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