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Graphic design includes the business logo and also the visual impression given through colors, text fonts, and images. Consistent brand colors and style of text and images helps make a company memorable to loyal customers or seem reliable for potential customers. The consumers who may be within the target markets for your product or service may be attracted by a more modern or a more traditional style. Learning more about the interests of the target market and industry competitors can help identify styles that may attract the type of customer likely to purchase from your company. 

Teams with both content marketers and graphic designers or hiring people skilled in both areas can streamline the design process as many types of advertising or content includes some graphic design and some text. Software and website development adds more skill levels while still requiring image and text capability. Consistent branding across all types of media can help make a company more familiar with consumers or other industry contacts. Consistent placement and type of information or images can also give a sense of comfort and familiarity for a site visitor or customer.

Legal consultation may also be helpful when designing logos or business names as trademark rights may not be available for the design if it is already within use within your industry. Better to find out if you can use a phrase or image before developing the idea further or producing materials that can not be used or sold. 

For more information:

  • What is Graphic Design, AIGA, the Professional Association for Design,

  • Making Successful Decisions through the Strategy, Law & Ethics Model, Coursera/U of M,

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