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Cloud solutions are a great way to save memory on business computers or to have the peace of mind that copies of all your important documents, records, and other intellectual property are safely stored in a secure off-site location. Whether physical or virtual problems occur having copies stored online can make restoring your business to functional status easier than ever before. 

Cloud platforms can serve as an off-site location for software apps for customer or employee needs, saving your business computing power for other tasks. They can also help with application rationalization (AR) - identifying which of your business applications to keep, modify, replace, retire or consolidate into a coordinated software application. As regulations change and technology solutions improve legacy programs often have to be updated or archived for record keeping purposes. Cloud storage can be a solution for archiving older records and data tables and can provide a platform for customized software for more current data collection.

Compliance with regulations requires systems for monitoring, storing data and evaluating it with the regulated standard. Systems for staff training with data collection can help make the data more accurate and improve efficiency in meeting the regulatory requirements. Organized storage of the data and evaluation, and records of any actions that were taken if standards weren't met, can make audits by inspectors or reports for shareholders easier to handle. Storing it on a cloud platform can also leave the history of compliance data safe in case of an onsite incident. Proof of the business standards will still be available even if the business location is physically damaged.

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