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Disaster isn't something we expect but planning ahead can make the unexpected easier to recover from in some cases. Back up the back ups - sensible but who remembers to do that everyday? The IT team that's who. Systems can be set up that automatically make back ups of critical data on whatever schedule that is planned. Back ups can be made to internal storage within the on-site network and/or to an offsite cloud network storage facility. Copies can be helpful for recovery after physical breakdowns or virtual virus or human error causes loss of data. 

Trouble shooting for problems with hardware or software and guidance about the possibility of repair versus replacement are skills an IT service professional can provide. IT Coordinated Networking can help with engineering needs as well. Telecommunication tower construction and maintenance can be provided for new or replacement structures. If storm damage occurs lines can be replaced or repaired. 

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Planet Earth or Planet Oceana?

The majority of the planet is covered in water. Technology and our daily actions can help us protect it.

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