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Ether Theory? Our ticket to outer-space?

We have a shared paradise with limited resources. The more we can ration the limited resources the more will remain later. We can hope for technological innovation but without it in hand we are only wishing. There is an estimated 25 years of bioactive phosphorus left for fertilizer type of use in the US, and more elsewhere on Earth, estimated to last 300-400 years. (1) Switching now to more traditional farming methods would conserve it better and be better for coastal ocean water and life.

Phosphorus fertilizers made with fossil fuels tend to run off into ground water and wash out into the ocean. The excess can cause an over growth of algae which uses up the fertilizer and dies eventually. Decomposition bacteria use up oxygen in the water while consuming the algae. Switching to traditional composted manure and leftover plant material would recycle phosphorus back into the soil instead of having the fossil fuel based phosphorus fertilizer that tends to run off into ground water supplies.

Farming with organic composted fertilizers can be done on more small scale container gardens located throughout urban areas. The extra containers can collect excess rainwater and reduce risk of flooding of urban drainage systems. Porous patio and parking area coverings also help drain rapid flooding rain or melting snow into the the ground rather than overfilling drainage systems.

Repairing coastal health with planting of sea grasses and mangrove trees would be helpful along with mussel aqua-farming to use up the extra nutrients of fertilizer runoff in a more useful way. Returning oxygen to the low oxygen areas in deeper water and the coastal regions is also needed to help restore life in the ocean. (Map of the low oxygen areas of the ocean.) Removing plastic from the ocean and reducing how much we add to it are also needs which are being worked on by many teams around the world. The ocean is very large and many more teams are needed.

Sustainable housing that is resistant to the extreme weather typical of the local region is also a need. We need more housing in general, but also housing that is designed with the environmental conditions in mind. Areas with very high temperatures now might want to start making underground cooling areas. The temperature after a certain depth is always cool - jacket weather and a campfire. Sanitation systems may need significant change for low water areas and work with the phosphorus reuse agricultural cycle. Compost is part of the cycle of life, along with spring growth and winter rest.


Big picture, starry skies vision for the longer future would include the fanciful sounding trip to Mars - joke or planning ahead? Plan on return trips too - with rockets powerful enough to carry materials there and phosphorus back. Mars has lots of bioactive phosphorus compared to planet Earth. (2) Hazardous, no air to breath, gravity - it wouldn't be a vacation for relaxing during start up phases. Moving there wouldn't help many people and would still have the air issue - but the future is thousands of years, hundreds of thousands of years - 25-400 years remaining supply of phosphorus seems like it is time to move out of the discussion phase and into the organic gardening phase at least.

Mining to ship anything back is not economically feasible with the current state of rocket technology dependent on expensive fuel - and phosphorus is not the only mineral that we might like more of: ""Almost all of the easily mined gold, silver, copper, tin, zinc, antimony, and phosphorus we can mine on Earth may be gone within one hundred years" writes Stephen Petranek, author of How We'll Live on Mars, which Nat Geo's MARS is based on. That grim scenario will require either a massive rethinking of how we consume metals on earth, or supplementation from another source." (3) The nice idea of rockets going back and forth with mined ore would use too much fuel. How do those alien UFOs move around?

The Nikolai Tesla/Wilhelm Reich motors that were able to extract energy from the air/ether needs to be figured out - per the Reich description and witness description the process would explain how UFO aircraft seem to be able to go forwards and backwards effortlessly - the Reich motor could run either direction, and soundlessly. Just because humans (most of them anyway) haven't figured something out doesn't mean it can't be figured out again - it makes it seem that much more possible, has been done, therefore it can be done - the Tesla & Reich machines discussed/mentioned here (4)

The U.S. has admitted to having discovered a suspected alien spacecraft, an Unidentified Flying Object, (UFO). The work of Wilhelm Reich needs to be continued. He witnessed apparent alien flying aircraft during his work with Cloud-busting weather manipulation and his use of the ether manipulating device could disrupt the motion of the aircraft - why wouldn't aliens be interested in research that was able to stop their flying machines from working? The Grande' news - gathering energy from the open air was figured out by Nikolai Tesla and by Wilhelm Reich - and apparently by aliens who are able to use the information to move through outer space - therefore it is possible. We need to stop holding back research just because Albert Einstein wrote some theoretical papers with the help of his first wife. (one of the series of four posts: Happy Birthday Einstein - Gravity) We can be right about some things while getting other parts wrong or incomplete.

Team Earth needs everyone to start thinking how their efforts small, medium, or Grande' can help us now and help the future.

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