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Physics took a wrong turn in 1887; and the meaning of Null.

Experimental research protocol requires defining an expected result for an experiment in advance, called the hypothesis, in order to help reduce risk of bias or error. Null results would mean that the hypothesis as written had not occurred as the experimental result - making the experiment negative or null for that specific hypothesis statement. Null does not necessarily mean zero, however.

In 1887 there were results reported as null for an experiment regarding the theory of ether which had been the prevailing idea regarding space - that there is a substance of some sort throughout space rather than it being empty and it was called ether or aether. The experimental hypothesis had predicted a large ether effect, a large drag occurring on a beam of light by this ether substance in the atmosphere, enough to effect the path of the rays of light by a predicted amount. The results were reported as Null by the academic community, correctly in some ways, because the drag effect the research team (Michelson-Morley) measured was not what they had predicted.

It was much smaller, a twentieth smaller - but it was not zero - their study did support the theory that space had some substance in it that would drag while flowing around a planet, moon, or star.

The idea at the time of the first of the Morley & Michelson experiments was that the substance was still and it was the planets that were spinning. The much smaller effect that was measured instead supports a theory later shown to be more accurate that the substance is slowing moving. It is likely the force of it flowing around things with cross currents providing force from two sides of astral objects that causes gravitational effects.

Our planet is orbiting the sun in an ellipse but it is more like a children's Slinky toy, a long continuous spiral, then rotations of the hands on a old-fashioned clock. The sun and all of the planets are all spiraling in a group towards the same direction. The substance seems to move in spiral patterns similar to the way water looks in whirl pool eddies, or the sky in Vincent Van Gogh's painting The Starry Night, (MoMA), - or spiral nebulae in outer space: (spiral nebulae images).

The substance that was known as ether has been measured in experiments that improved on the 1887 methods and modified the hypothesis to include movement of the ether. Other researchers unrelated to the original theory or experiment have also discovered anomalies that match the strength of the effect or the energy. One called it orgone and developed ways to affect the weather and increase rain or break up a larger storm system into a lower energy, more diffuse pattern, (Wilhelm Reich). Reducing desertification has also been shown to be possible with the low tech methods.

Long story short - there is a type of energy around everything that is not entropic - chaotic as expected of everything in nature - a tendency to decompose and become more disorganized instead of becoming more organized. The ether energy generally becomes more organized. It tends to coalesce like water molecules, and has an affinity for water. It is attracted to water, especially moving water, and that tendency was able to be used to modify the weather.

Desertification of land can be a result of the energy becoming non-flowing and unhealthy. It can be easily modified by simple to build tools but which need to be used with caution because weather modification can turn into storms, not just spring showers.

This is very exciting information but more people need to read and understand the implications - turns what we have been doing and believing on its head - topsy turvy, let's start over again at Null, which doesn't equal zero. For the skeptics and/or rocket fans in the room - the drag effect that was discovered and confirmed by later unrelated researchers is roughly equivalent to the amount of force it takes for a rocket to leave the planet's atmosphere.

Here's the book to read, The Dynamic Ether of Cosmic Space: Correcting a Major Error in Modern Science, by James DeMeo, (Barnes&Noble) then report back for a craft project next - a dielectric blanket - no plug in outlet needed, because it gathers ambient energy from the air or from your body energy and can have healing effects.

Cats like the warmth of a dielectric Orgone blanket.

Disclaimer: This information is provided for educational purposes within the guidelines of Fair Use. It is not intended to provide individual guidance. Please seek a health care provider for individualized health care guidance.

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