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Listening to the Earth

Updated: Dec 17, 2018

"The earth has music for those who listen." - William Shakespeare

The Schumann resonance is a vibration that some might call the pulse of Mother Earth others might call a humming sound. Human health is somewhat in tune with the low level vibration and the frequency has been changing. What effect that might have if any is unknown. The electromagnetic field surrounding the Earth is thought to be a source of the vibration with affects by other physical aspects of the planet and atmosphere. See: The Schumann Resonance Does Affect Our Health - Pulse of Mother Earth is Powerful, (

The hum was first measured within the depths of the ocean last year. Scientists believe part of the sound is caused by ocean waves pounding rhythmically on coastal plates on the ocean floor. See: Scientist's Capture Earth's 'Hum' on Ocean Floor. (ScienceAlert).

/Disclaimer: This information is provided for educational purposes within the guidelines of fair use.

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