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I have today.

Goals help direct our day's actions towards a future we hope to see. I hope to see a healthy and happy future with humans sustainably coexisting with many species of plants, animals and marine life. We have lost many species already due to overhunting or destruction of their ecosystem.

I share ideas in the hope that it might help reach that healthy happy future. I share ideas in draft forms and in more organized forms as time allows and as I learn of easier tech tools. My own existence is not guaranteed. We have today and hopefully tomorrow and next year but I have had enough car accidents and health problems to know that I have today. I drive defensively, depending on road and weather conditions, and try to remain within the flow of traffic, but you never know what might happen. So I write down ideas as I have them in case tomorrow I can't.

During the worst of my hyperthyroid symptoms my body was physically jittery and my handwriting was shaky - my thoughts were too. It seemed like I couldn't think all the way through a sentence let alone a paragraph - a more specific example - I've baked quick breads since childhood and professionally at several bakeries and as a mother for years but with the jittery hyperthyroidism the task seemed overwhelming.

Just listing the tools I would need to bake something was more than I could handle, I knew I would need a bowl, ----- and a measuring cup, ------- and some other stuff ----- and a bunch of ingredients, -------- and a sense of being overwhelmed would occur, along with an underlying recognition that normal me would have been able to make a batch of pancakes or muffins or banana bread practically in my sleep - what was wrong with me? It was scary. It was never really explained to me just how severe the mental effects of hyperthyroidism could be.

I didn't bake during that phase of my life. I made rice in a rice cooker, requiring a measuring cup, rice, and filling the pot to the premarked line with water - it was the least I could do, it was the most that I could do at the time, and responsibilities require work, people need food even at the worst of times. I learned to always use the stove timer when heating things, burning pots or pans due to forgetfulness happened a few times. The rice cooker had it's own sensor and would automatically go to a warming mode.

When I got better and could think farther than a bowl and a measuring cup I started writing down recipes more often. I had a long history of just making things based on ratios of the basic ingredients with variations and would hear, "that was good do you have a recipe?" No, not usually. It takes some work to standardize a recipe, making it a few times with careful measurements to see if you can replicate the "that was good" result.

I have today, I try to do what I can today. because I don't know what tomorrow might bring.

  • Nonprofit organization in support of children with limited life expectancy - making each day as special as possible: The Paisley Mae Foundation,

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