• Jennifer Depew

Giving is loving

"Few are those who see with their own eyes and feel with their own hearts." - Albert Einstein
Helping others or giving money or supplies to support a cause can give oneself a sense of purpose and positive feelings. Altruism is giving without expecting something in return. Supporting the health of the planet, whether a government is in support or not, is an activity that is altruistic, in that no specific return is expected, however long term health for oneself or family may be a bonus. The nonprofit organization effectivealtruism.org helps provide information about non profit organizations that seem to be achieving goals and 80000hours.org provides career guidance for people who would like to try to follow a career path that is also in support of altruistic goals.Nonprofit or other organizations that are working towards ocean health are described briefly in an article by Coastal Living: "11 Amazing Organizations Fighting to Save Our Oceans," (coastalliving.com).

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